We provide independent financial advice on investments, pensions and family & income protection.

Read more on our financial planning process and how our Independent Financial Advisers work with you.

Why our clients come to us

Clients typically come to us for help in solving a financial problem they may be facing, or in preparation for significant life change. Below are examples of reasons clients have sought our advice in the past. 

A couple looking to retire but don't know if they can, or how much income they will really need in retirement to allow them the lifestyle they desire. 

An individual who is unsure whether their investments are performing within their pension and ISA portfolio as well as they should or could be. 

An individual who had a sudden windfall from an inheritance, seeking advice on effective ways to invest the funds to meet his longer-term retirement objectives. 

A lady, currently going through divorce proceedings, seeking assistance on a pension sharing arrangement that has been proposed for her personal and work-based pension plans.

A married couple concerned about Inheritance Tax, looking for assistance in calculating any potential IHT bill their children would be required to pay, and advice on strategies to mitigate this.

A bread-winning individual concerned about the effect their death or long-term illness and the impact this would have on the lifestyle of their non-working spouse and children in the longer term.

A business owner who wishes to implement a comprehensive pension and employee benefit scheme as a staff retention-tool, and was unsure of his responsibilities under the new auto-enrolment rules.


We arranged an initial meeting with these clients, without cost or obligation, to understand their financial problem and thereafter provide bespoke, fee-based advice, providing them with a comprehensive solution.

Our Financial Advice Process

We focus on developing long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring we fully understand our clients’ financial goals and making clear recommendations for financial strategies that will be effective both now and in the future. We work with clients throughout Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, East Anglia and the South East. Many of our clients are located in the areas of and surrounding Cambridge, Grantham, Stamford, Bury St Edmunds, Ely, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Cambourne, Newmarket and Oundle.

If you are thinking of becoming a client, below is a step-by-step guide of the process we use to provide expert independent financial advice:

Introductory meeting
Our approach is tailored and bespoke to each client. At our initial meeting, which is without cost or obligation, we will introduce our services and areas of financial planning on which we give expert advice. We will look to understand your current financial situation and life goals for the future, along with the exact nature of the area(s) financial planning you would like advice on.

Client Agreement
Once we understand the level of service you require from us, we will agree a fee with you and ask you to sign our Client Agreement. We will always communicate our fees in both monetary terms and percentages in a transparent way upfront before we proceed. To find out more about our Services & Fees please click here.

Fact-Finding Meeting
At our fact-finding meeting we will look to understand your financial arrangements in detail. We will complete a fact-find about your current financial planning arrangements, which may include pensions, investments, mortgages, business assets and cash in the bank. We will ask questions to ascertain your attitude to risk and your capacity for loss.

Research and Analysis
We will explore any existing plans you have, contacting each provider for up to date information on plan values and features. We then carefully research the market, taking into account your existing arrangements and future objectives. As independent advisers we can ensure you are receiving ‘whole of market’ advice rather than restricted advice from a limited panel of providers. This ensures you have the best product from the whole of market, tailored to your financial objectives.

Detailed Suitability Report
We will provide you with a written report which addresses your specific requirements. We will outline our recommendations, along with our reasons, according to your objectives and budget. Where investments are involved we will recommend an asset allocation and subsequently funds, after carefully considering your attitude to risk and capacity for loss. We will detail any product charges at this time.

Further Meeting
Once you have had time to digest our report we will meet with you to address any questions or queries you may have. We will agree on any amendments to our original recommendations and arrange application forms for completion.

Implementation with Product Providers
On receipt of the completed application forms we will set up the plans for you with the recommended product provider(s). Our professional support team will ensure your new plans are set up promptly and keep you informed throughout the process.

We work with all clients on a long-term, collaborative basis through regular review meetings. Our typical service is two reviews per annum which can be held face-to-face or by telephone. Reviews ensure your financial plan remains appropriate for your current circumstances and to adjust it as the markets or tax regime changes. This ensures you stay on track to achieve your longer-term life goals.

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