Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

An existing client contacted us, a married couple in their late 50’s, because they wanted to understand if they could retire before they were 65, following sudden redundancy.

Our client held various savings and investments including ISA’s, Pensions and Cash Savings. We undertook a holistic review and thereafter built a structured retirement strategy which allowed them to retire within a year. 

Our recommended solution included short-term drawdown and longer-term investment planning. We initially structured our clients’ finances so they had sufficient income whilst they were waiting for their occupational and State pensions to begin. We recommended investment into a wide range of underlying funds with differing investment objectives based on their attitude to risk and the expected timeframe these funds would remain invested. 

We were able to reassure our client that they had sufficient income and assets to retire in their early 60’s and to continue to support them for the longer term through cash flow modelling.

We continue to meet on a six-monthly basis to review our clients’ income needs, investment performance and their income needs in retirement.