Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

Estate planning is about ensuring wealth passes to who you would want, when you want, at the amount you want it to, in a tax-efficient manner.

We provide estate planning and inheritance tax advice working alongside your chosen solicitors that considers everything that may affect your wishes –  making sure you are aware of all your estate planning options, helping you make an informed choice in this area. 

Three things are particularly important to consider on reviewing your estate planning: 

  • One is ensuring that the right people inherit your wealth according to your wishes, for which you will need an up-to-date Will.  

  • Two (may be to) minimise the amount ‘lost’ to inheritance tax (IHT). There are various ways to achieve this, whether it be making use of gifts during your lifetime, or through Trusts. 

  • A third essential task is when you have children under 18; a Will allows you to appoint ‘guardians’ who are the people who you choose to look after your children if you die. Without guardians nominated in your Will, the Courts decide who your children are placed with (until they reach 18 years of age) and sadly these may not be the individuals you would have chosen yourself.  

Independent Advice

We provide Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning advice in the following areas: 

  • Wills 

  • Lifetime gifts and use of Inheritance Tax allowances 

  • Trusts 

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney 

  • Whole-of-life cover policies – to provide a lump sum, placed in Trust, to cover any potential Inheritance Tax liability. 

  • Gift Inter Vivos Life cover – will provide a lump sum to cover any potential Inheritance Tax liability that could arise from a gift during your lifetime (a Potentially Exempt Transfer). This type of life cover policy will ensure your beneficiary can cover any Inheritance Tax potentially payable on this gift, should you die within seven years of making it. After seven years from the date of the gift, it will be outside of your estate and no longer liable to Inheritance Tax.  

  • Shareholder agreements for business owners 

  • Cross Option agreements for businesses

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