Independent Advice for Businesses

We provide specialist independent financial advice to businesses in a wide range of sectors, ensuring your business is best protected in the present and reaches its long-term objectives in the future.  

Planning is key; we advise on financial planning issues to help your business grow, to protect its profits, to attract and retain employees and to manage risk within your organisation. 

Our independent status means we search the whole of market for the most appropriate product and provider according to your business needs and budget. Our Independent Financial Advisers work directly with Directors, and where appropriate HR Management, on the below areas:

Directors' Pensions - pensions remain one of the most tax-efficient ways for business owners and company directors to save for their retirement, by extracting business profits. We advise on a range of Directors’ pension schemes including Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSASs) and Personal Pensions. 

  • Auto-Enrolment/Employee Pensions – we establish and manage Workplace Pension Schemes for smaller companies through to larger organisations. We will explain your requirements as an employer under auto-enrolment rules and provide personalised pension advice to your employees through one-to-one meetings with them.  

Employee Benefits – providing a range of employee benefits is a valuable tool in recruiting and retaining high-calibre members of staff. We advise and arrange on a number of employee benefit products including: 

  • Death-In-Service Cover – provides a lump sum to your employee’s families in the event of their death. 

  • Group Income Protection Insurance - provides a replacement income if an employee is unable to work due to long-term illness or injury. 

  • Group Critical Illness Cover – provides a lump sum to your employee should they be diagnosed with a serious illness, helping them meet living or medical costs. 

  • Group Private Medical Insurance - pays for private medical treatment for your employees if they fall ill, helping them recover and return to work sooner as they do not have to wait for treatment on the NHS.

Business Protection – we help businesses identify and deal with risk. Within every business there are key individuals, whose death or incapacity would cause a significant financial impact. We advise and arrange protection products to help mitigate this impact, allowing the business time to put recovery strategies into place: 

  • Key Person Insurance - protects your business against the financial impact of the death or critical illness of a key person. The policy proceeds are paid directly to your business to help cover loss of profits and provide funds to meet the cost of finding and recruiting a suitable replacement. 

  • Shareholder Protection – provides business continuity in the event of the death of a shareholder who have left their shares to family members. Such a policy and associated legal agreement gives the remaining business owners the option, and funds, to buy out the interest of the deceased shareholder.  

  • Relevant Life Cover – provides death-in-service benefits to higher-level employees, Directors and Owners of a company without the need to take out a scheme for all employees. It is also a way of providing additional life cover over and above any group arrangement that may be in place.  

Business Loan Protection provides a lump sum to help pay off any outstanding loans your business has (including bank loans or director loan accounts) should a key individual die or be diagnosed with a critical illness. 

Corporate Investment is a way for your business to leverage capital that may be held in bank deposit accounts. The effects of low interest rates and inflation can mean the value of this capital is eroded over time. We work with your business to understand your capital and cashflow requirements along with your attitude to risk, and thereafter recommend a tax efficient investment portfolio to help you to grow these funds and improve existing investment results. 

Succession and Exit Planning the goal of succession planning is to develop an effective business exit strategy for business owners, either through successful sale or through transition to other parties. Working in partnership with you, your family and your other business owners we can help you plan for the future, preparing a strategy to manage issues before they arise.  Our experts will facilitate discussion and provide neutral, but experienced advice in areas such as ownership and leadership succession.

How we provide business advice:

Our independent advice status means we understand your aims, priorities and objectives before we search the marketplace, analysing a large number of Providers, Insurers and policies to provide you with impartial advice on policy features and cost. This ensures you arrange the best policy, with the best provider according to your needs and budget. When we make a recommendation to you we will consider:

  • Service standards

  • Charges

  • Flexibility

  • Support

  • Online portals for you as employer and for your staff as member

  • Statistics on payouts; what percentage they have paid and declined

  • Underwriting policy  

  • Financial status and reliability  

  • Standard exclusions they add to their contracts which you should be aware of

Should you need to claim on a policy that we have arranged we will help you manage the claims process and provide advice and administration support as part of our comprehensive service. 

Arrange a meeting with us to discuss your business needs

Please contact us at or call us on 01223 792 196 to arrange an initial appointment, at no cost to yourself, with one of our Independent Financial Advisers.

We offer expert independent financial advice throughout Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Suffolk, East Anglia and the South East. Many of our clients are within, or are in the surrounding areas of Cambridge, Grantham, Stamford, Bury St Edmunds, Frinton on Sea, Ely, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Cambourne, Newmarket, Soham and Oundle.