Are you really ready to be Self-Invested?

Are you really ready to be Self-Invested?

One of our regular sources of new clients are those who have been “Self-Investing” and have now decided that the effort and stress was not worth the candle. This could because they have been caught out by adverse market movements, (Brexit induced flights of capital from commercial property, causing the suspension of some property funds is an example), decided they would rather enjoy their retirement or just resented the time required to manage their assets and the reading around necessary to keeping up to date.

There are quite a few “execution-only” platforms available to the public to hold stocks and share ISAs, trust based pensions, SIPPs, (Self-Invested Personal Pensions), onshore and offshore bonds. These appeal to the more adventurous as a way of investing cheaply, but sometimes these are not as cheap as they seem.

Often these execution-only platforms have elaborate news and stock-picking features, but when you get behind all the window-dressing, it is just you, your bank account and a huge pile of potential investments, where you must pick some!

As the platforms makes their money from the volume of trades, they will be keen for you to add and change investments, where your best interests will be served by minimising trades, reducing “churn” and avoiding emotional choices.

Using an independent financial adviser with a wealth management process gives you the ability to make it all a “somebody else’s problem”, (with apologies to Douglas Adams), leaving you to do want you want or what you do best.

Our business model is based on a fixed initial fee and a lower than average recurring fee of 0.75%, so moving a large portfolio to us will be much cheaper for you than the average adviser, private banker or wealth manager.

Self-investing can be very rewarding, especially if you have a depth of knowledge in a particular area, so we are happy to manage the bulk of your investment money, leaving you to concentrate on a small proportion of your portfolio, where you can make best use of your knowledge and experience, without betting the farm!

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