Rare ray of sunshine as Brexit negotiations continue

This week we had an announcement that Britain and Germany had agreed to drop specific sticking points around the shape of our future relationship with the EU, which was perceived to make an exit deal more likely.

Time to worry, Mr President?

Robert Mueller, the man responsible for investigating Russian collusion with the Trump presidential campaign, will be going into the weekend feeling particularly smug on the news that two of the President’s former associates may be facing jail time.

Politely avoiding Inheritance Tax

Politely avoiding Inheritance Tax

As time goes on more and more estates are falling within the embrace of Inheritance Tax, with central government, (flagged by the Office for Budget Responsibility, OBR), expecting the tax take to go from £4.7Billion for the years 2015/16 and 2016/17 to £5.0Billion in 2017/18 and up to £6.2Billion in 2021/22.