Markets amplify global headwinds

This week was another eventful one for global markets. They fell at the start of the week on news that Trump was going to ramp up his trade war with China, rose when he decided not to and then plummeted again when weak data out of China and Germany stoked fears of a global recession.

The shifting trade war landscape

First, it was the tariffs wars which saw commodities slapped with additional levies, eventually ramping up to all imports from China. Then the focus shifted to technology with US companies considering moving their production lines out of China, with Huawei and Chinese drone…

Did the Fed cut rates too soon?

Positive US payroll numbers, strong corporate earnings, and modest growth isn’t normally used as a base case to cut interest rates but this week, the Fed cut interest rates by a quarter percent. The Fed cited muted inflation pressures and implications of global developments as the...

Will Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal placate both Parliament and Brussels?

This week saw the appointment of the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Boris Johnson – just one more bit of evidence that we’re in...

UK Navy blocks Iranian attempt to capture BP tanker

This week saw the UK get dragged into the simmering Middle East conflict between the US and Iran, when the Royal Navy had to intervene to prevent the Iranians from seizing a British tanker in the key shipping lane of the Strait of Hormuz.