Our Financial Advice Services & Fees

Find out more about our independent financial advice services and charging structure

How we work with you

Our Independent Financial Advisers use their expertise and experience to construct a bespoke financial strategy for you. We provide this advice on a fee basis, which is agreed with you before we commence work. 

We are clear, fair and not misleading in how and why we charge client fees, and feel it important that we explain the types of fee you may be charged if you instruct us, and what we will deliver to you for this fee.

Our Initial Advice Fee
Our Initial Advice Fee pays for our detailed financial advice and analysis. We will:

  • Complete a fact-finding exercise with you to understand your unique personal situation and requirements.
  • Understand your attitude to risk and capacity for loss, ensuring any recommendations we subsequently make are appropriate.
  • Analyse your situation, undertake extensive market research and provide personal recommendations in the form of a written Suitability and Investment Report.

Our Implementation Fee
Our Implementation fee pays for our expert arrangement of any financial product(s) we have recommended in our Suitability and Investment Report. We will also arrange and manage the transfer of any existing plans as required. We will:

  • Arrange, deliver and assist you in completing the application form(s).
  • Liaise with the Product Provider(s) to ensure your application is processed swiftly, keeping you updated of process.
  • Contact your existing Provider(s) to manage the transfer of assets to your new Provider(s).
  • Ensure the policy has been correctly transferred/issued by the Provider.
  • Complete any Trust arrangements, if appropriate.

Our Ongoing Advice Fee
Our Ongoing Advice Fee pays for regular financial advice, ensuring your financial plan remains appropriate to your personal circumstances, and changes in legislation and market conditions. We will:

  • Provide recommendations on the ongoing suitability of your portfolio.
  • Review your financial objectives, attitude to risk and capacity for loss.
  • Review the asset allocation of your investments in line with your risk profile.
  • Advise on and implement adjustments to your portfolio, including fund switches.
  • Provide regular valuations of your investment holdings.

Detail on our Fee Structure can be found in our ‘Information about our Services’ here.

If you would like any further information on any of the above services or fees, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Third Party Services & Fees

After advising on your financial strategy, we may recommend other parties who provide financial products or specialise in investment management. We will always disclose any third parties’ fees in our written Suitability and Investment Report. As a guide, examples of these may be a:

Platform or Provider
Each financial product you have invested in will require management and administration by a separate entity to ensure the product meets its regulatory obligations across various bodies. Product fees are typically expressed as an Annual Management Charge (AMC). This is a percentage of the total amount invested per annum, or alternatively paid on a fixed flat monthly basis. For this fee they will:

  • Ensure your product legally complies with HMRC and Financial Conduct Authority regulations.
  • Provide you with access to your investments through various channels of communication, such as telephone and web-based provision.
  • Administer any alterations to your investment product such as fund switches, withdrawals, new investments or ad-hoc valuations.

Discretionary Fund Manager
These are specialist investment experts who run portfolios, helping you to meet your investment goals. Similarly to a Platform or Provider, their services are typically paid for by an Annual Management Charge (AMC). For this charge the Discretionary Find Manager will:

  • Construct investment portfolios, of several appropriate funds, to match your attitude to risk and investment time-frame.
  • Re-balance your portfolio on set dates to ensure it is in-line with your views on risk.
  • Switch funds automatically, without the need for further investment advice, to ensure that your portfolio is always efficiently optimised based on your views on risk.

Fund Manager
Each investment or pension fund that a Discretionary Fund Manager may elect to invest in is run by a Fund Manager. Again, their services are typically paid for by an Annual Management Charge (AMC). For this charge the Fund Manager will:

  • Manage the fund's investments, including making decisions to buy, sell or hold assets.
  • Ensure that the fund's strategy is, and continues to be, aligned with it’s goals.
  • Manage the overall operation and administration of the fund.

If you would like any further information on any of the third-party services or fees as mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us.