Investment & Wealth Management Advice

We work in partnership with you to protect the funds you have already acquired and build wealth for your future by offering expert, tailored, independent investment advice.

We offer astute advice, devising strategies across a range of investment and portfolio services which are aligned to your long-term goals and current financial circumstances. We will communicate clear and tailored recommendations to allow you to make the final investment decision with confidence. 

We are acutely aware that as your wealth accumulates, markets evolve and the tax regime change, your portfolio will need to be adjusted. We hold regular review meetings with you - structured to ensure your objectives continue to be met both now and in the future, on a service-led basis.

Investment planning is all about getting the right risk, for the right return for the right objective
— Julian Martin-Redman, Chairman & Independent Financial Adviser

Pension Advice & Retirement Planning

We formulate structured retirement planning strategies that will allow you to reach financial independence, so you can decide whether you want to work, or not.

Our Pensions Experts advise on a range of solutions from the market, whether this be from SIPPs, Personal Pension Plans, Specialist Pensions for business owners, complimentary investments such as ISA’s or Annuities, structuring the right solutions for your circumstances to fulfil your desired retirement income and retirement date.

We will advise on a retirement approach and put a plan in place for you. Thereafter regular review meetings will monitor your personal strategy, making adjustments as needed to give you peace of mind you will have the level of income you desire when you retire.

Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning Advice

We advise on strategies to manage your wealth in a tax efficient manner, ensuring you are passing your legacy to your chosen beneficiaries in line with your wishes.

Our expert advisers and trusted professionals can help with arranging Wills and Trusts to ensure your estate planning arrangements are formulated in line with your wishes, in a way which mitigates any Inheritance Tax which would be otherwise payable.

Estate planning is about ensuring wealth passes to whom you want, at the time you wish, in the proportions you decide
— Ben Sear, Managing Director & Independent Financial Adviser

Financial Protection

As part of your financial planning, protecting your family and income is just as important as investing money for the future. 

Our specialist advisers will formulate a protection strategy to ensure any outstanding debts are repaid and dependent family members are cared for should the worst happen. We advise on a range of Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection policies from the whole of market, ensuring you have the best policy set up in the correct way for your unique circumstances.

Financial Advice for Businesses

We provide specialist advice on essential business planning areas to ensure your business is protected in the present and reaches its long-term objectives in the future. We can assist with Key Person Protection, Corporate Investment, Directors Pension Schemes and Employee Auto-Enrolment and Benefits Plans.

Working in partnership with you and your family, we can also help you plan for the future, preparing a strategy to manage issues before they arise.  Our experts can facilitate discussion and provide neutral advice in areas such as ownership and leadership succession.


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