Financial Protection

Peace of mind to cover any eventuality.

Protecting your family and income is important. Whilst we don’t like to dwell on it, it’s a fact of life that people die unexpectedly or fall seriously ill. Financial protection ensures that if this happens any outstanding debts are repaid, household bills met and that your dependent family members are financially provided for.

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Financial Protection

Independent Protection Advice

To give you peace of mind and to protect your family from the unexpected we offer independent advice on:

Life Cover

A protection policy that comes in many forms but which makes a financial payment if you were to die during the term of the policy i.e. within 5, 7 or 10 years.

Critical Illness Cover

Which provides a tax-free ‘lump sum’ if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition within the policy term.

Whole-of-Life Cover

Payment of a lump sum when you die, whenever that is and whatever age.

Income Protection

If you are unable to work because of injury or illness, the payment of a percentage of your monthly income until you return to work, retire or the policy ends.

All these forms of protection have a range of policies depending on your requirements, your budget and the insurer. No policy is ever put in place until you are comfortable with it and any possible exemption.


Now is the time for additional cover

You’re aware that in addition to your monthly financial obligations you have a young family that’s dependent on you. You’ve avoided thinking about what might happen if you were suddenly unable to work but realise that it’s time to be sensible and get additional cover. Having investigated different types of protection you’re no wiser about which is the most appropriate or how much you should spend?

How we provide financial protection

Before we propose any financial protection advice we meet you to fully understand your circumstances and needs. This takes into account:

Your dependents

Your wife, husband or partner, children or relatives who are financially dependent on you.

Your liabilities

Any debts or mortgages or other financial obligations you and your partner have.

Type of cover

What is most appropriate for your situation or stage in life.

How much cover you need

The ‘sum assured’.

How long you need cover for

The ‘term’.

We may also consider things like single or joint life plans, premium types and trusts.

Once we have all the relevant information we analyse and search the marketplace to recommend the provider(s) whose policies are best aligned with your needs. This takes into consideration:

Statistics on payouts

What percentage they have paid and declined over the past X years.

Underwriting policy

What this is and how the small print might affect you.

Financial status and reliability

So we know they are here for the long-term.

Once the policies are in place you’re free to get on with your life, reassured that you’ve prepared financially for the unexpected.

For any claim on a policy we’re here to help manage the process and provide advice.


Being prepared for the unexpected

You recently heard about an ex-colleague who tragically had a car crash and died. Fortunately, she had the right level of financial protection so that her husband and children won’t have any financial worries to add to the emotional upset. On her death a Trust kicked in which has made you realise you need to understand these things much better.

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