Investment Management

The preservation and management of your capital.

Clients often approach us because they’ve not heard from their IFA in a while, or they’re fed up with paying a lot of money for not a lot in return. We like to think we act differently. Most of our clients are referrals from those who’ve been long standing clients.

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Investment Management

Investment Products

With our investment and wealth management service we advise on a range of financial products:

  • ISAs
  • Unit Trusts
  • Investment Bonds
  • Endowments
  • Trustee Based Investments
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Enterprise Investment Schemes
    (EISs) & Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEISs)
  • Children’s Saving Schemes
  • Deposit/Cash based schemes.

If you are not familiar with some of these, don’t worry. Our role is to educate you about the options available and to advise you accordingly.


Financial ReappraisaI

You need to re-appraise your financial situation. The kids have moved out and are now at Uni and your parents are likely to need some kind of care in the next three to five years. You’re not sure if you’re putting enough money aside or making the most of your assets. You want someone who’s going to give you an honest opinion, not someone who’s going to charge an arm and a leg for telling you what you already know.

Working with you

We only work with those we meet personally and 90% of our meetings are face to face – usually at your home or office.

As a Martin-Redman Partners client you’ll have a twice-yearly review with us. As well as reviewing the progress of your portfolio it’s a moment for us to keep up to date with any relevant domestic changes and to discuss any of your financial concerns.

From us you can expect:

  • Daily & Weekend Access
    To answer any questions you have
  • Annual Review
    To go over all of the essentials
  • Biannual Review
    To stay on top of everything

Experience shows that regularly meeting you in person is the best way to develop a rapport and a long-lasting working relationship.

If for any reason this isn’t possible we will meet virtually via Zoom or Teams.


Financial Confusion

If you’re honest you can’t always see the wood for the trees. There are a lot of financial products out there so how do you know if what you’d like to invest in isn’t a bit risky? You want someone who can take the time to explain the options and make you feel confident that your money is being sensibly managed and who’ll keep in contact.

Wealth Management in Retirement

You plan to retire in a couple of years but not sure if you can afford to? You want to help your kids get onto the property ladder but at the same time you’re conscious of wanting to go travelling. You’re concerned about suddenly not having enough money for your old age if the unexpected were to happen.

Our Investment Principles

The investment of any of your funds is built around five principles:

Our Investment Committee meets quarterly to analyse geographic and sector trends, along with wider systematic risks. From this we will recommend any investment changes we feel are appropriate.

  1. Structured
    Managing risk within a defined investment process.
  2. Diversified
    Portfolios spread across asset classes according to your attitude to risk.
  3. High Quality
    In-depth research on funds, underlying investments and fund managers.
  4. Monitored
    Regular review of the performance of your investments.
  5. Dynamic
    Pro-actively optimising investments in line with your needs and your views on risk.

Our Steps & Fees

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