Our Steps
& Fees

From the Initial Meeting to Bi-Annual Review, our approach is designed to make you feel confident that we are always monitoring your financial well-being.

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Our Steps <br> & Fees

Typically it takes 6 - 8 weeks for us to get to know you, to learn what’s important to you financially and to make recommendations you’re happy with.

1. Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

To make meaningful recommendations we have to get to know you. Equally you’ll want to discover if we are right for you. Either at one of our offices or the comfort of your home we’ll learn about your needs today and your goals for tomorrow.

At this meeting we will review your:

  • Current financial planning and tax arrangements
  • Existing pensions and investments
  • Other relevant information i.e., business assets.

If more than one meeting is required that’s no problem. Our meetings are free of charge and everyone’s situation is a little different.

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2. Agree the Essentials

Agree the Essentials

Following our Initial Meeting we work out the fees for our financial advice. Once we’ve agreed these we will proceed with the necessary financial due diligence.

On your behalf, we are legally obliged to complete:

  • Data Protection
  • Money Laundering Protection
  • Regulatory Disclosures
  • Terms of Business
  • Fee Agreement.

Once complete we’re in a position to start work on your behalf.

3. Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Based on what we discovered at our Initial Meeting we will develop a personalised financial plan. Depending on your needs, it will take into account:

  • Your attitude to risk
  • Cash-flow needs
  • Investment solutions
  • Tax-efficient allowances
  • Trusts
  • Family / business protection.

It’s our duty to recommend the most appropriate options, so this step can take several weeks. We research the markets, the past performance of funds or the track-record of insurance providers. We may also talk to the appropriate solicitor, accountant or specialist.

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4. Recommendation


Once our research is complete we produce a personalised financial plan. This is a written document which sets out how you can best meet your financial goals and needs. It is discussed with you in person to ensure you understand all the options as well as the benefits and drawbacks.

Only when you are satisfied and comfortable with what we propose, will we start to implement our recommendations. It is at this point that Martin Redman-Partners charges a fee. Fees are initially for the work done and then monthly. This is for our support and the active investment management we provide.

5. Implementation


We implement your financial plan, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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6. Biannual Review

Biannual Review

As a Martin-Redman Partners client you’ll have a twice-yearly review with us. Every six months you can expect:

Account Evaluation

Prior to seeing you we will review all aspects of your account to ensure that it is performing as we would wish and it is in line with your expectations.

Financial Counseling

Meeting with you in person to see how you are, to discuss your portfolio or policies and to listen to any new financial needs or concerns you may have.

7. Review the Essentials

Review the Essentials

After our Biannual Review we will Review the Essentials to ensure we are legally compliant.

If we agree to change any aspect of your personalised financial plan or to add to it, we follow Steps 3, 4 and 5 of our process.

For us these meetings are very important. They allow us to keep in touch with you on a personal level and to check that we are both on top of things financially.

Review the Essentials

Our Fees

We are open and transparent in our fees.

They are a reflection of the successful implementation of your personal financial plan and/or the performance of your portfolio.

Our fees cover:

  • Our expertise within personal finance sector and investment
  • Time spent conducting the research and analysis prior to our recommendation
  • Implementing and evaluating your financial plan
  • Financial due diligence and all administration
  • Our 18/7 availability.

They reflect a value added service that Martin-Redman Partners has provided to clients since 2012.

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Third Party Fees

To meet your financial goals we sometimes recommend other companies or specialists.

To meet your financial goals we sometimes recommend other companies or specialists. If this incurs an additional fee we will always share this with you.

These fees usually take the form of an Annual Management Charge (AMC) to cover management, administration and regulatory compliance.

This applies to:

Investment Platform / Provider

Funds managed by a separate entity whose product fee is a percentage of the total amount invested per annum.

Discretionary Fund Manager

Investment portfolios that are managed by managers with specific investment expertise.

Fund Manager

Fees associated with a fund that a Discretionary Fund Manager may choose to invest in on your behalf.

All third party fees are disclosed in any written financial plan we share with you.

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